About us

The mission of our company is to develop quality software of different complexity.

We provide a complete package of services for the development of business applications, games and other software products. From the raw ideas to their implementation and subsequent publication.
Advanced Software Development is an unique Russian IT company. We have solid experience in creating high-quality software for numerous clients around the world, including Yandex and LG Electronics. The  claimed experience is advantageous as compared to other ‘young, rapidly developing’ companies. It is noteworthy that in all that time we have never denied our clients and always finished projects to its logical conclusion, making customers fully satisfied with our collaboration.
The new era has begun. Recently the main value was the information. But in today's world, nothing stands still. With the development of internet technology information became accessible to public, and that is why, now our basic values are ideas, experience and development. Each member of the ASD is focused on these ideals, and that is why our company is able to offer our customers the highest level of services in software development, quality assurance and software testing, training and technical documentation, software support, etc.
We strive to use the most advanced technology and software development tools, as well as seeking and trying to attract to our team the most talented employees. Also we do our best to offer unlimited conditions for professional development.
List all of our capabilities and skills can be almost endless. We adhere to an individual approach to each idea and try to use the best software solutions consistently high level. Therefore it is best to go directly to us at the stage of drawing up a common vision and then we will be happy to help with professional advice and offer our services to implement.
We are also proud of being the authorized Apple App Store and Google Play developer. Our company provides customers with the quality application development services for all platforms (Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, etc.).

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