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When you were kids, did you dream about becoming a superhero? Did you look on them with admirable envy for their special superpower and awesome appearance?  With the iSuperHeros app you can look like a superhero!

Download the iSuperHeros app and you can finally feel yourself like a superhero. Due to this app you can turn ordinary human faces on your video into animated and realistic superheroes outlooks.

Can you imagine, how your child will be surprised! Child’s imagination is really endless! With the iSuperHeros app your kids will be able to shoot whole movies! The application is perfect for developing children imagination, fantasy and even some acting skills. Allow your child to develop creativity and have fun with the iSuperHeroes application!

The only limit is your imagination! Use all your fantasy: iSuperHeros will be great for parties, now you can laugh with your friends watching, for example, iHalk vs iBatman in your performance. Or you can even create a team of superheroes from the employees of your office! The main thing is to be creative and grimace a little for more fun!