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It is common knowledge that the Russian driving culture is still at a fairly low level. SUV can take 2 parking places or a foreign car can be left on a kids playground. But it can be fought and it has been fought!
Developed by Advanced Software Development the application is the official application of the portal and currently has no analogues! The application was developed to fix in the public mind the idea of ​​respect and responsibility on the roads.

Now fans of the portal will be able to capture worst offenders of traffic rules, or simply dishonest car owners with their iPhone!  This application allows you to instantly create a violation fact, attach the photo or video automatically uploaded on YouTube. Due to geolocation service you can easily specify the location of captured violation. application allows you to comment photos and videos and express all your emotions, or vice versa to make fun of what is happening on our roads.

Moreover, the application allows assessment of the facts. Here you can either convict the offender, or to justify it. And most importantly, that with the application all these options are available on your iPhone!
• Instant creation of violation fact;
• Automatic upload to YouTube;
• Quick add comments;
• Sarch on the region and plate numbers;
• Creation of fact, even without the Internet;
• Offline mode: review of the comments, photos, and facts loaded early;
• Easy e-mailing of the selected facts. portal is the brainchild and property of Greensight.
For reasons beyond our control (server issues of the site) we had to finish our voluntary participation in this project. As a result, the Autochmo app was excluded from App Store.