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Have you ever played charades? Wasn’t it tons of fun? We present to you the game “Crocodile”, an extended and more sophisticated version of charades that will allow you to maximize the fun! The “Crocodile” is an amazingly popular party game that is played on TV shows, at clubs and at house parties all around the world. It’s incredibly simple and anyone can play! The goal of the game is to make the other players guess a word, a sentence, an expression or a name by giving them hints without using your voice. You have to give them hints through movements, gestures and mime. 

Through the app, you will gain access to thousands of words and other challenges that can be used for the game. The app will also be your timekeeper and will keep score. What's more, you can use this application to film your games and you can post the best ones on our YouTube channel: “Crocodile TV”. Show off your talent, enjoy other clips and take part in our monthly contests!