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Vide is a unique application, which can change your attitude to contacts on your mobile phones. It helps you to discover an original way to search required contacts and to promote your own services.

Vide uses word-of-mouth approach: if among your friends there are not required specialist, he is likely to be among their acquaintances! The point is that when you add a skill to yourself or assign it to a friend, this skill can be seen not only by your friends, but also all their acquaintances. Of course, after friend’s confirmation of the assigned skill.

With this application you can easily find out a specialist in practically any field on the recommendations of your friends or propose your services to all your contacts and their friends. In comparison with the ordinary Contact app, Vide has a range of major advantages:

  • Extended contact list;
  • Convenient search;
  • Perfect prospects;
  • Immediate synchronization;
  • Help from friends;
  • Unlimited number of skills and proposals;
  • Social networks integration.

We can talk about app features and its positive aspects for a long time, but a picture is wotth a thousand words. So why not to try it and open for yourself new horizons and prospects!