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How to talk to a client about your product in an unobtrusive way? The owners of various establishments, from wineries to auto sales rooms, constantly pose this question. Traditional version with consultants has many drawbacks: long training, when they are needed, they are not close, and  their "What can I help you with?" phrase can put to flight even the most interested client.  And you have to pay them.

For many years people used to obtain information from the screens of their mobile devices: reading, watching videos and pictures, and listening to music. The most convenient, intuitive and familiar option.  This principle is at heart of the Impuls platform,  a handy tool for creating and demonstrating presentations at points of sale.

A tablet is installed in the immediate vicinity of the product, it has a familiar interface for user, so it will be much more informative to the client and not make him leave his comfort zone. Client can view the presentation of your product, get all the necessary information and answers to his questions.

Impuls server provides a possibility to create and customize a variety of scenarios representing your service: any photos and videos, including sound, pauses and transitions on interactive buttons and much more. Content management is carried out  through a web browser. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ability to change the presentation of any size instantly, remotely and accurately.

Impuls  is also a powerful analytical tool. Data on presentations exposures are processed on the server and displayed as graphs and tables. Filters allow selecting any period of time for further data analysis.

Deployment of tablets network will require a minimum amount of time, and the control panel with a simple, intuitive interface allows you to create and launch presentations for your goods easily.

Impuls is an official application for the portal and it is already available for download on Android on the project  site.