MegaFon MegaDisk

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Modern smartphone is seemed to be no longer just a means of communication. It is here, where we download all our data. Whether vacation photos, work presentations, music, videos, contracts, and applications – all these files take a significant amount of storage space. So a huge, as previously thought, free memory storage of your device is coming to an end. Cloud technologies partially solve the issue. But using them you have to pay for mobile traffic, for example, every time you want to listen to your favorite song or view the work document.

That is why Megafon has launched its cloud service "Megadisk", the main feature of which becomes a free using of 2 GB cloud storage space for all MegaFon's subscribers. Enabled synchronization automatically sends every photo you shoot to a cloud server.

iOS and Android MegaDisk applications, which we have developed jointly with MegaLabs company, have friendly and easy to use interface. So practically everyone can download, view, synchronize, and delete required files. Of course there are sorting and sharings features.

MegaDisk Applications are official apps of the similarly named project. They make an access to your "cloud" easier, more convenient and faster.