Europa Plus TV

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In the lives of many people music occupies a special role. It helps to wake up early in the morning, stay positive and energetic the whole day and have a good rest. Especially nice when access to your favorite music is at your fingertips. That is why, specially for our partners from Europa Plus TV, we have developed the official app for Android and iOS.

First of all, this release is a great gift for all Europa Plus TV fans. Indeed, the application includes the live broadcast of the popular TV channel. Here there is a special schedule, so you can easily find out when your favorite video will be on.

The application also will be interesting for anyone who concerns oneself about the show business world. Here you can find the most fresh news and detailed truthful biographies of your idols.

And of course, Europa Plus TV is a set of different video materials: the best videos, programs and broadcasts directly from your mobile. Search and favorites make the application user friendly and easy to use.

For total immersion in the world of music we encourage you to login through any of the popular social services (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter) or register through email. The latter, by the way, you can do in the application itself. After that you can feel all socialization advantages: likes, comments and sharing features. Message on the wall or on air! Europa Plus TV community is extremely sociable.

Europa Plus TV is the official app of the similarly named portal. The application is absolutely free and does not contain any purchases. We wish you good listening!