Official Camping NZ

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As a result of long-term cooperation with Rankers NZ Company, we have managed to develop a joint Official Camping NZ project, and soon all the NZ camping information will be available on the mobile devices.

Camping has already become widespread in NZ. Thousands people spend their leisure time travelling through lovely hills and evergreen forests of this wonderful country. In addition to the beautiful places, NZ has one more thing similar with Russia. It is a poor and expensive Internet. So the app has to work in offline mode. It was a first, very strict requirement to the app.

The Official Camping NZ app provides an access to the tons of useful information: about 2 000 camping sites, over 40 000 independent reviews. And of course, the killer feature is its detailed NZ maps, which perfectly work in offline mode. That is why you can easily use and trust them.   

Now the app reaches its final development stage, so it is about to be released on the Google Play store. As for iOS version, you can download it right now.

Have a nice trip!