Lord of Elements

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Lord of Elements is a truly unique game. The puzzle can in theory be attributed to the match 3 games, but in fact it certainly stands out for its original idea, dynamic and vivid performance.

All of us have already tired of mindlessly matching chains of crystals, various coins and so on. In Lord of Elements, players can manage amazing powers of six elements (life, water, fire, death, air, earth). Each of them has its own unique abilities, which will increase during leveling.

Each element has been assigned unique graphics and animation effects. A lot of attention was paid to the sound. That's why we recommend playing with headphones to immerse in the LOE world - you will be pleasantly surprised with a variety of musical themes and sound solutions for various bonuses and abilities.

Surely, users focus on the game board, but the background images have also their interesting composition and quality rendering.

The Advanced Software Development Company really respects ​​its customers, and that's why we did not stick to the popular frimium model. Our goal is to create high-quality applications, not fleecing our users. Therefore, purchasing the Lord of Elements game means that the user has full access to all its levels, modes, abilities and bonuses. No hype and forced in-app purchases. Just enjoy the colorful, dynamic and well-balanced game.

Welcome to the world of Lord of Elements!